Why work with West Coast Casting...

  • Working with West Coast Casting is a great way to experience the excitement of being on a film set and earning some money while doing so
  • We cast all shapes, sizes, ages and looks at West Coast Casting
  • Extra work is a great way to see how a set is run. As an extra, you can learn the ropes so to speak, just by viewing and experiencing the atmosphere on a set
  • For aspiring actors, it is also a great way to learn more about your craft, get some experience on set and grow as an actor

Tips on working with West Coast Casting

  • You will be booked on the basis of the photographs we have on file. We encourage people to maintain the ‘look’ they hold in this photograph. If you change your hairstyle or look, please let us know and send us a recent photo
  • Photos should be recent showing full hair/beard length, make up free or natural looking (you could include another photo with makeup if you have a strong make up look), no photoshop or filters allowed
  • Give as much info as possible when filling out your application form, sometimes people are cast purely on the fact they have a 42-inch chest or are 6ft tall!
  • Make sure we know all about any special skills, talents or random hobbies or interests you may have, e.g. are you a fire breather? a contortionist? a ballroom dancer? Don't discount anything!