Our Clients

What We Do

  • As well as casting, we provide on-set crowd coordination to help assist the production team/AD department
  • Our office allows us the ability to host auditions and castings if your space is limited or if your travelling to the West of Ireland  for a production 
  • We will work with the schedule of the production, e.g early calls, split days, night shoots
  • We can fulfil any brief however challenging
  • We can assist any type of production no matter how big or small
  • We can supply stand in’s, doubles and people with special skills and talents
  • We have cast singers, dancers, musicians of all musical genres
  • We have cast a wide range of ethnicities and minority groups across a broad spectrum of productions

An example of some roles we have cast over the years…

Hand doubles, Nude Body Doubles, Amputees, Archers, Surfers, Marksmen, Fencers, Blacksmiths, Ladies of the Night, Prospectors, Patients, Bum Doubles, Gamblers, Horse Riders, Goths, Hipsters, Bar fly’s, Musicians, Skateboarders, Dancers, Drag Queens, Monks, Vampires and many many more...

Basically every century from period to modern day drama, we have filled nightclubs, bars, streets and battlefields…

List of Credits

We have Cast and Co Ordinated Extras and Special Extras on the following productions in the West of Ireland